We still believe technology can transform teaching and learning

Mark Millar started his career in education as a high school physics teacher in the UK. During that time, he became convinced of the potential of technology to support, enhance and even transform education. He moved to the US, where he studied, and then worked at Harvard University, gaining a Master’s degree in Technology in Education and working with other Harvard educators to plan and develop the University’s use of technology, and online teaching and learning in particular. 

Mark moved back to the UK in 2007 and began working with Edinburgh University, conducting research into the use of online learning in undergraduate courses. At the same time, Mark founded a small company that began to develop high quality online learning resources.

Today, M W Millar Ltd continues that work and has partnered with a wide range of universities, colleges, educational publishers, banks and other organisations across the world to deliver bespoke high-quality online learning experiences.


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